Dearly Beloved

Some folks just find their way into your heart, don't they? They are most welcome to remain in mine. 

Arvid & Walter

I saw this photo in the paper years ago. Arvid Magneson was the fisherman’s name. He struck me as the quintessential Minnesotan ice fisherman; Carhart suit, exposed skin red-raw from sub-zero temps, strong Scandihoovian jawline, winning smile as he holds a trophy walleye.   

Warm Cold Night.300.jpg

Warm Cold Nights - Noel Ollar Snevets

I came across this name, Noel Ollar Snevets, and this image popped into my brain. It was many years later that I found out that he was a real person, a local legend, a scofflaw of sorts who reversed his name to avoid detection. His real name was Rallo Stevens. I’m just sure he wore a union suit